• New Features and Functionality
    I would like to have a separate tab for calculating permit costs if possible. Most municipalities have a
    standard form which is quite similar. If a tab was based on say the Chicago permit form where we could add in the number of circuits, service size & type, low voltage TV, Telco, Data, Fire Alarm, etc. and the cost of each this would be great.
  • Planswift Integration
    While working on a take off using the plan swift program you have to set up the properties for the count
    that you are taking off. If you go to the next column or the next room on the take off and you are again counting the same item or assembly ( a ceiling can) you have to set up the properties again, and again for each room that you are taking off. Is there a way to set up the properties for the ceiling can just once and use the same properties for each room where you are counting the item or assembly (ceiling can). If you are doing a take off room by room this gets to be very time consuming. If you just take off an entire floor without the individual rooms set up as columns the take off is much faster but you loose the turbo bid features in the reports for showing the take off quantities for individual rooms which is a feature that I would like to be able to send to a customer. Is there a solution for this or just something I will have to live with?

R Elmore

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