• Rod Doorlag
    Make sure you review your takeoff. Some of the material types and prices are not accurate. This will drive your price up if your not careful.
  • Admin
    This is great advice Rod.

    It is of the utmost importance that your assemblies include your material and costs. We built the assemblies using material that we would use. The pricing reflects a national average that a contractor can expect to pay.

    There is a mass substitution feature available in the assemblies. For example: If an assembly includes a box, but you use a different type or manufacturer, you can do a mass substitution. Simply select the item you want to replace, along with the item that you want to replace it with, and the system will replace the item, not only in the assembly you're working in, but in every assembly that the original item is in if you so desire. It's a great tool to tweak the assemblies so that they include the material that you use.

    While the national average pricing that is in TurboBid should be fairly close to what you are paying, you should adjust the prices to reflect the actual price that you are paying at your supply house.

    Supply houses can usually provide you with a properly formatted text file that you can use to update the prices in TurboBid for your vendors. Please contact us at and we can send you the format that the price file needs to follow.

    We will be releasing a new version of TurboBid soon that will be a game changer for material management and material ordering.

    You will be able to manage and use an unlimited number of vendors in a single estimate.

    You will be able to select the pricing source separately for each item in an estimate.

    • List Price
    • TurboBid Price
    • Lowest Vendor Price
    • Default Vendor Price



    The new assembly editor will also display the default vendor, and/or the lowest priced vendor for each item.


    There is a new interactive material screen which will allow you to adjust your material as needed.

    • Change the item's price source
    • Change the vendor the item will be ordered from
    • Change the order quantity. This is needed if there is minimum purchase quantity, or if you have the item in stock.
    • Choose to add or subtract the cost of the additional order quantity to the estimate
    • Substitute one item for another item in the database. This will change the assemblies as well.
    • Group the material by Category, Job Phase, Manufacturer, or Vendor


    A purchase order will be generated for each vendor or pricing source.

    We have also revised the reports to display images of an estimate's items and assemblies. These will be great to show your customer's exactly what is included in TurboBid's revised work order document.

    We have been working on this new version of TurboBid for well over one year, and it should be ready for release in the very near future. We have only touched on a small number of the new features that will be available in the new version of TurboBid. We think you'll appreciate the new capabilities and functionality.

    After the release, we will be approaching supply houses in an attempt to streamline TurboBid's vendor price update feature. With our new ability to automatically mix and match vendors, or to use the lowest cost vendor, it will be in the vendors best interest to make it easy for their customers to update their vendor costs in TurboBid.

    If you would like us to approach your vendor, please let us know.

    Best Regards,

    Your TurboBid Team
  • Joe Antoine
    Anxiously (impatiently) awaiting the New Version of Turbobid!
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