• Sparky682
    Is it possible to import an Excel Spreadsheet that contains user material & price list?
  • Andrew Ruffner
    Great question! Yes, it is possible to update your material pricing via an excel file spreadsheet. The easiest way is to have your vendor send you your material list in the formatting of what we a call a “price file”. If they are willing to send it to you in that format (or if you set it up yourself) you will be able to upload that file into TurboBid and it will update all of the matching items and assemblies in your database. I’ve attached a couple of documents to this post. 1. How to setup a price file, and 2. A sample price file.
    TurboBid - Price File Setup (29K)
    Sample Price File.txt (497K)
  • Admin

    Hi Sparky,

    Just to follow up on this. We are currently working on a new feature in TurboBid that will allow you to import a list of material into TurboBid. You'll be able to get a list of material from your supply house and create new items for every item in the list through a single import. In essence, you'll be able to create a whole batch of new items with the click of a button.

    We're also revising the item maintenance screen. Currently the item maintenance screen displays the target price and allows you to display up to 5 different vendor prices for the item.

    We're revising the screen to allow you to select to always use the Target price or one of the vendor prices in your estimates.

    This will allow you to automatically use Home Depot pricing for your wire, Graybar pricing for your distribution material, City Electric for your trim, etc. TurboBid will automatically use the selected target/vendor price for each item when calculating material costs for an estimate.

    You'll also be able to generate a separate material list for each target/vendor.
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