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    I would like to see a simpler area or tab section set up just for service. With out all the tabs related to projects. And access thru a APP for the filed techs.Basically a separate program to build your flat rate assemblies for easy access through the app in the field. With customer info carried over like it does now and a few other service related tabs. Got more Ideas out of time for now. — George O
  • Admin
    Yes. This is where we are headed. We will start asking your opinion of various concepts in the very near future. In the meantime, please share your thoughts and ideas with us.
  • Steve Pritchard
    I know this an old post. I'm curious about what direction are you taking your flat rate book. It would be nice to see a flat rate book on a web-based plate form. So we can have our service electrician quote in the field. It would be nice to see a flat rate book that built for the electrician. You have other companies make web-based flat rate books and then a joke with incorrect date and hours, but they are web-based which is nice to have in the field to get jobs quoted and approved in the field.
  • Jeremy801
    @ Steve P, yeah its been 2 years since admin replied. I thought about that too. Like to have a work order that can be typed up and the customer can electronically sign in on the surface pro or ipad on the spot to approve it. For small 1 day jobs/simple jobs.

    @admin. if you google search ELCC-798 you see an example of an electrical work order.
  • Admin
    Sorry for the delay. This forum was originally set up to allow TurboBid users to communicate with each other. TurboBid's support system is to be used for technical support issues. Because of this, it's possible that a question that was directed to our support staff in this forum might not be noticed by our technical support staff.

    Our current focus is on enhancing TurboBid's capabilities in regards to service work. While there are many aspects to a successful service app, we have decided to start out by making sure that our platform for selecting items and assemblies into your service tickets is rock solid. There are a number of good service apps available that have good front-end features, but their system of adding material to the ticket is not so good.

    Our latest updates have made great improvements to TurboCloud. While this is not the place to outline all of the great improvements we have made, I would like to say that our decision to add images to all of our assemblies is because of what we have planned for our upcoming service work feature.

    We will soon be revising all of our reports. This includes a new cloud based flat rate book. The new reports will allow you to provide your customers with quotes and invoices that include images of what is included.

    The new service work feature will not use the current TurboBid tab setup. The interface will be designed specifically for service work. There will also be a mobile web based component that will allow multiple field technicians access.
  • Steve Pritchard

    Wow, I look forward to seeing your new flat rate book platform. I'm glad you guys are working on this I'm sure it's going to be a lot better then what you can get out there now.
  • Joe Antoine
    Any updates for these features yet?
  • Admin
    We will soon be releasing an important software update to enhance TurboBid's capabilities in regards to service work. When we release the update, you'll receive an update notification in TurboBid, as well as an email notification.
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